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Products and Services

Agricultural Products

Ethical Agro - Allied Farms offers a whole range of organic products – Organic Palm Oil, Organic Palm Olein and Organic Palm Kernel Oil, which respect the environment and preserve natural resources.

Logistics and Equipments

We support our small scale farmers in providing logistic services and also materials/equipments hiring which is required for their farming activities.

Training and Technology

We empower farmers with advanced technology and also provides avenue for continuous improvement in our training institute.


About Us

Ethical Agro-Allied Farms Limited is an agro-allied start-up business with operations in West Africa (Nigeria and Sierra Leone.) At the heart of the company is innovative ideas in agriculture. The company is pioneering new and innovative ideas to ensure a successful agricultural revolution takes shape on the continent of Africa.

We will start with the cultivation of Oil Palm in the two countries and in the medium to long term, diversify into other crops. The long term goal is to ensure Africa becomes self-sustainable in Agriculture.

Our Operations

Our operations are based on the nucleus/outgrower business model. The main business components are:

Nucleus plantation

The business intends on having its own nucleus plantation. Ethical farms will invest in an irrigated seedling nursery for the development of high-quality, improved hybrid oil palm seedlings. This will have the capacity to supply our plantation as well as the outgrowers.

Palm oil mill

The company is investing in an Oil Palm Mill and Palm Kernel Oil Mill with the capacity to process 10 tonnes of fresh fruit bunches per hour and the potential (with a capacity upgrade) to process 30 tonnes per hour in the future. The main product from the milling operation is crude palm oil (CPO) and Palm Kernel Oil (PKO.)There are also on-site storage facilities to store the finished products and an on-site workshop that deals with all maintenance and repairs.

Packaging Plants

Crude palm oil and crude palm kernel oil are packaged on-site into 20-metric tonne flexitanks, 200-litre drums, 20-litre containers and also customised to the client’s requirement(s).

Outgrower Operations

Ethical Agro-Allied Farms will support outgrowers within close proximity, who own and manage their own mature oil palms. The operation will be run in collaboration with the community cooperative and in conjunction with farmers that will be supplying fresh fruit bunches (FFB) to the Company.