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Trina Barnes is a 40 year old woman who has grown from obstacles in life mostly created by others she encountered. Traumatized youth and learning to cope with countless experiences throughout life has proven nothing more than that, happiness comes and goes often. Joy gets down inside of souls and stay. Today I’m joyful to be employed as well as an independent business owner. As the founder of Mothers of Michigan Gala since 2017, I’m honored to have experienced the growth and development of what I used to only dream about. Coordinating events and Motivational Speaking is a forever passion. I created M.E.G Memorable Events Galore 2019 to offer combinations of services as a one stop shop for all special event needs. M.E.G has allowed me to support friends and family the opportunity to promote their businesses as well. I was born to inspire even myself.

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Emptying my mind of thoughts has never happened naturally. Rather that storm is in front or back of me, my Angel who is no longer here on earth; left a raging flame that burns inside of me. It burns deep within the depths of me. The flame is strong. Stronger than COVID-19, stronger than the reason I ever kept silent before. Now a new journey of my life begins. Uncertain of the next chapter, but ready..
-Trina Barnes

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This book is dedicated to all of us who have experienced tremendous success although there were many obstacles and odds that came up in the journey of life. Those who chose to persevere even after failing in areas that we later faced and conquered sometimes more than once or twice. A special dedication to the legacy of dreamers. In memory of those who watered the seeds which built-up the confidence through scars and sacrifices.
A special salute to my mother Oakarita Arsande Blue- Daniels, whom I will forever cherish in memory.  Trina Barnes

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This book picks up on the separation from my husband and countless trips to the ER while being rated by outside influences of all sorts of troubles and stumbles still..Trina Barnes