Care is Where We provide expert care to your loved ones in the comfort of their home Set an Appointment The Home Is We Care For Our Elderly Through our comprehensive and personalized plan, we strive to bring a meaningful difference in the lives of your aging parents with compassion and respect Set an Appointment Because They Deserve The Best You Can Entrust Your Home Caregiving is not a job; it's a mission, and our honest and dedicated staff fully believes in that. Set an Appointment Or Personal Care To Us

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How We Care!

Our caregivers are trained to be the helping hand of the elderly. Get our assistance for

Meal preparation 67%
Light housekeeping 89%
Grocery Shopping 72%
Transportation Services 80%
Washing Clothes 90%
Bathing 67%
Toileting 89%
Grooming and Dressing 72%
Medication Reminders 72%
Hospice Care 72%
Respite Care 70%

“I am so overwhelmed with the service we received from Living Legacy Homecare. The way they took care of my mom is praiseworthy. It meant so much to us that we had a caregiver who treated my mom with so much love and compassion. We are extremely grateful to Living Legacy Homecare.”

Tina Smith

“The Caregiver who was sent for my dad was very caring, patient, and responsible. Had he not been there, it would have been very tough to take care of my dad since both my wife and I remain away from home for work from early morning until late in the evening.”

Peter Jones

“My father suffered from dementia and had other health issues as well. Living Legacy Homecare was the best thing that happened to us during that challenging time. Maria, who came to take care of my father, demonstrated so much kindness, patience, and respect for him even when he would be too angry or disoriented. She was more like a companion to him.”

Daniel Branton

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Dealing With Parental Resistance To Caregiving

As your parents enter old age, they become dependent on the family members for minor to significant activities of daily life. Due to their busy schedules and other obligations, the family members cannot always be available for their aging or sick parents. That’s when the need for external caregiving services arises. However, it’s often hard for the parents to accept…

How to Select an In-Home Caregiver for Loved Ones with Dementia

Caring for somebody who has dementia can be very disturbing, challenging, and exhausting since there is no cure for dementia, its only caregiving that can improve the quality of life of your loved one. However, caregiving itself is very demanding and challenging. With your busy schedule or other commitments also demanding for your time, it may not be possible for…

What is Respite Care?

No wonder nothing is as rewarding as taking care of your aging parents, especially when they are sick or too old enough to take care of themselves on their own. However, it’s not a piece of cake at the same time. Providing your loved one full-time assistance is not only challenging but also very exhausting. You can burn out in…