Are you sick & tired of making money for others?
Are you ready for a change in life?

Are you ready to make a positive impact in the lives of others?
Then, you may have come to the right place.
Doug Morris has been in the death and taxes business for over 20 years and he’s ready to expand by training you to run your own business in the final expense insurance industry and preparing taxes.
The best part – he will train you! There is no experience required. But hurry, because this initial launch of the Death and Taxes Opportunity is limited to 20 individuals... Keep Reading ...

how will it work?

Be Coachable

Do you have habits that will create the kind of consistency to achieve the success you desire in the death and taxes industry? Doug will coach you through the process. You’ll meet with him one-on-one to see if this is the right opportunity for you.

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Take an Insurance Course

You’ll have to take an insurance course to get your license. Don’t worry, this is not hard. And you’ll need to register with the IRS to get a preparer tax identification number. These are simple mechanics and won’t take long.

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Jumpstart Boot Camp

You’ll attend Doug’s Jumpstart Boot Camp in Memphis, TN or Jackson, TN for 2-days and learn about how to achieve the initial goal of 50 – 100 tax clients and getting to $10,000 per month in production. Yes, there will be training guides and lectures. Easy stuff for you to duplicate. You’ll learn how to prepare a form 1040 and do an amendment. You’ll learn about preparing for final expenses and what IRS form is needed when a tax payer dies. You’ll even learn how to properly set goals and have behaviors in place to WIN!

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Assignment of Personal Trainer

You’ll be assigned to your own personal trainer where you’ll get 20 leads per week of people who have expressed an interest looking at and possibly purchasing a final expense policy. This trainer will work with you however long you need to make your first $2000 in production. You’ll also have a tax director who will show you the ropes on how to prepare a simple tax return and how to make money in offering bank products for tax refunds.

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Death & Taxes

How much Does this cost?

Is this FREE? Are you crazy? If your crazy and think it’s FREE, then this isn’t for you. If you don’t have credit or cash on hand, then this is not for you. But, the good news, for the 20 initial Death and Taxes Jumpstart Members, Doug is offering a discount. The price after the initial 20 members will be $5000! But not for the initial Death and Taxes Jumpstart Members.

Here’s what it’s going to cost for you to simply get started:



Fee Tor The Tax Component

$750 which can be billed to your credit card over 4-months @ $187.50 per month.


Fee Tor The Insurance License

Fee for the insurance license which includes the insurance course, test, state license is about $275.00.


Initial Set of Fresh Leads

$500.00. After your initial payment of your first set of leads, you’ll be advanced the leads and the payment of those advanced leads will come out of your production.


Tax Client Marketing

You will sit down with Doug and plan out your marketing strategy to arrive at a plan appropriate for you.


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You know you’ve thought about having your own business for a long time. Now is the time! Act now and start earning money in the next 30 – 60 days! Low start-up costs. A mentor to help you reach your goals! A concept which is certain in life: Death and Taxes. Fill-out the form today!

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